I’ve had the great opportunity to support all of my Sellers as they get their homes ready for the market. It’s one of the most important parts of the selling process and helps a home sell for more money in a shorter period of time.  And,  it feels cathartic to get rid of excess stuff. Many clients are amazed at how great it feels to surround themselves with only the essentials.

Everything is so visual these days and it’s important that your home is showcased in its best light. Every home has potential and I’m here to help you realize that potential. Staging is really quite simple and doesn’t involve hiring expensive stagers and designers!

1. Declutter-this is the best, least expensive step you can take to get your home ready for the market. Buyers are really discouraged by clutter; they have trouble getting past it and rooms often seem smaller. All sorts of organizations pick up small household items and clothes (Diabetes, Cerebral Palsy). You can also drop off items at the Salvation Army, Value Village or other discount stores.  As well, many Sellers rent short term storage bins or ask family and friends to help store items in their basements.

2. Painting – this is the second best staging tip. Buyers love freshly painted rooms in taupes, mocha, light browns. It’s neutral, fresh, welcoming and move-in ready.

3. Home Maintenance– Buyers draw conclusions from homes that are well maintained.  Buyers look for furnaces that have been regularly serviced,  covered AC units, updated shingles, windows, clean eaves troughs.

4.  Cleanliness – It’s a great idea to have a house cleaner come through right before you put your home in the market.  Again buyers draw conclusions based on the cleanliness of rooms and feel more confident moving forward if they feel a home has been well cared for.  A professional window cleaner is also a good idea.

5.  Decorative Details – Go for Mirrors (they open up rooms), decorative bins/baskets (to store TV converters, books, cd’s, movies, laundry items).  Think big and a few instead of of small and many (example: one large lantern style candle holder on a mantle instead of many small candles, pictures and other knick-knacks)

I’m involved in every aspect of the staging process with advice, checklists and recommendations.  When we’re ready I’ll hire a professional photographer to ensure that all your hard work and effort is rewarded with the best visual representation possible.  Buyers will start calculating how much less to offer when homes don’t show well.

I’m There For My Clients. Each Step of the Way.

“Laura was able to understand my needs, and understand what I was looking for in a house. As a first time home buyer during a difficult period, Laura was very patient to walk me through each step of the process.”