Most real estate agents will tell you that they’re different than other real estate agents, but what does that really mean? Are we really different? Are we really all providing something that other agents don’t?

 I can’t speak for everyone else of course, but I can tell you that for me, differentiating myself is really important. So how am I different you ask? Here are a few reasons:

1I primarily work by referral

To me, working by referral is a true privilege and a great honour. It means that the people that know me, and client’s that have worked with me, feel good enough about the services and results I deliver that they’re willing to tell their family, their friends, and their loved ones that they should consider working with me. To me, that’s a true honour that I take very seriously.

2I define success differently

I’ve never thought of success as the number of transactions I’ve done or deals I’ve closed. I define success as how well I connect with my clients; how well I’m able to understand what they want; and of course, how happy they are in the end. To me, true success isn’t achieved without it.

3I’m available, even after we’re done

Just because I’ve helped my client’s find the perfect new home or sell their home with excellent results, it doesn’t mean that I’m not available to them once it’s all said and done. I keep in contact with my clients, and I make sure they know that any real estate questions or concerns they may have are just a short phone call away. I love to stay connected to my clients. I also love dropping off small tokens of my appreciation from time to time (I’d tell you what they are, but I also like surprises 🙂

4I like to help

You might hear me use words like ‘fair’ and ‘reasonable’ while we work together, and to me, they aren’t just words; they’re important parts of the process. I like to help my clients manage expectations to help them get the best results.

5I deliver true results

When it comes to the local real estate market, I know what I’m doing. It may sound like I’m bragging (and I might be just a little as I’m proud of the work I’ve done), but it’s a fact that I’m truly proud of. If you’re working with someone that knows the specific details of buying your first home, buying a country home, selling a historic home, or being faced with multiple offers, it will be to your advantage. My experience, my communication skills, and my ability to work diplomatically can help ensure that we navigate even the most challenging situations together, no matter what they are, and make sure we achieve a truly positive outcome. Just ask my clients, and they’ll tell you that in addition to being friendly and easy to talk to, I’m also a serious negotiator that delivers real results.

6I’m aesthetically and visually driven

When it comes to real estate, I like to draw on my artistic-side to see the true potential of a home, whether I’m preparing it for sale or searching for a home for my clients. I look at everything, from the little things, like how the furniture is arranged, to the bigger things, like if walls could be removed to create an open concept living space. The point is that I like to look for spaces for what they can be, not just what they are, to help my client’s find homes that they can really make their own.

 So why should you work with me? How will it benefit you? That’s simple for me to answer: I treat my clients like family. I always put their best interests first. I provide service and results with determination, due diligence and expert knowledge by building a heart-felt connection.