While Most buyers expect to live in their homes an average of 14 years, the typical time is closer to 9 years.  That means an average buyer will go through the process of buying home about once a decade.  The real estate landscape is always changing and here are a few tips to help you navigate the market.

  1. Give me a call!  I can help you with all aspects of the buying process
  2. Get a lender on board right from the beginning.  A lender will explain your financing options, help you get a pre-approval and help you estimate the right price range for your budget.  Let me know if you need a referral.
  3. Manage your expectations.  Try to narrow down the list of homes to consider that are in your price range and desired area and try to stay focused on that.
  4. Read the fine print and stay informed.  Is the home a condo? what are the fees?  what do they cover? are you allowed to pay off your mortgage early or is there a penalty?  Will you pay land transfer fees? how much are lawyer fees? Try to gather all the information before you make an offer.
  5. How about a home inspection? It’s ideal to have one and as professionals we always recommend one.  It’s one more way of gathering information about a home.
  6. Think about long term investment and resale potential.  Factors to look for are neighborhoods, proximity to parks, court locations.  It’s important to talk your realtor about what affects resale value.
  7. Plan for Renovations even if they’re minor. Keep a list of possible renovations you ‘d like to do if you buy the home then once you buy, prioritize your list.  I can also refer a variety of professionals.

Some Stats to consider:

  • medium age of all buyers:  29
  • 45% of homebuyers in 2015 were first time home buyers
  • buyers visited or considered 9 homes before buying
  • first time buyers financed an average of 81% of their home purchase



I’m There For My Clients. Each Step of the Way.

“Laura was able to understand my needs, and understand what I was looking for in a house. As a first time home buyer during a difficult period, Laura was very patient to walk me through each step of the process.”