It’s only two months away from Christmas so here’s some advice on saving money this year.

Five Ways to Save on Gifts

  1. Make a list – it’s easy to succumb to impulse buying while shopping. Avoid impulse buying, make a list and stick to it
  2. Get daily deals – sign up for discount sites which offer discounts on popular brands
  3. Use your points – it’s a great time to use points for gifts and food (Optimum Card, PC points, Aeroplan, Air Miles etc.)
  4. Sales – many retailers offer discounts before the holidays
  5. Secret Santa -pick names at work or home.  Instead of buying gifts for everyone, set a limit and buy a gift for one person.  This way, you can actually put a little more thought into it and make it more personal

Five Holiday Decorating Ideas:

  1. Get inspired by your surroundings – collect natural materials (pinecones, branches etc..) and decorate them with ribbons, paint and glitter
  2. Get crafty – consider Do It Yourself decorations.  Pinterest and other craft sites provide great inspiration
  3. Pre-Christmas sales – many craft supply stores offer discounts on holiday décor and ornaments before the holidays but the best time to stock up is after the holidays when discounts are often up to 75% off.
  4. Holiday cookie exchange – organize a cookie exchange with family, friends or neighbors.  Each person bakes several dozen of one type of cookie and then everyone trades what they bake.
  5. Retailers such as Winners, Marshalls and HomeSense  have high quality holiday decorations, decorative bags, bins and ornaments at a reduced price

Three Ways to Save Money on Holiday Cards:

  1. Send postcards – it costs less to send a postcard.  Better yet, design your own with the help of a local printer
  2. Make your own cards – websites such as allow you to personalize your message and add pictures
  3. Retailers such as Michaels, Winners and HomeSense often have high quality cards at discounted prices


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