Time for a long overdue (long long long) post. If you are planning to buy a home in the future, please read.

Over the past year, we have had the pleasure of meeting Laura Gillis. Laura is a realtor. She is a realtor whose photo you will not see on billboards or benches; on magnets or notepads. Laura relies solely on word of mouth. Well, get ready, because this word of mouth can just keep going.

Being a first-time home buyer was, for lack of a better word, terrifying. Krste and I had very different wants in a home, and we spent several long months looking for something we agreed upon; throughout this entire time Laura was a patient, honest mediator between our often varying opinions. We would find houses that we liked, but that both of us didn’t like enough. On one particular occasion, we found one that I thought I liked enough to buy – to the extent that we were ready to put an offer in. Laura, being the amazing person (not realtor, person) that she is, called me to discuss the decision as she knew I was on the fence – she called because she did not want me to commit to a home that I wasn’t 120% happy with. We did not end up putting an offer in, and spent the next probably 2 months looking for a home. Well, we found one that (after some heart to hearts with Laura) we loved, purchased and are now making our home 🏡.

After purchase, we ran in to some hurdles in areas that Laura probably could’ve washed her hands of, but instead she helped us through (in complete honesty, I spent about 20 minutes crying on the phone with her). If you decide to work with Laura to find a home, you will discover you are working with so much more than just a realtor.

I don’t know where we would’ve ended up if we didn’t go with Laura as our realtor, and frankly, I don’t care to imagine that. Consider this my recommendation to anyone planning to buy a home in the area – visit www.lauragillishomes.com. You will meet one of the most caring, genuine, empathetic people out there, and she will help you through one of the most intimidating times of your life.



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